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Inspired by nature...

Natural Stones

Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Quartzite

Presenting our wide range of natural stones.

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Some of our projects over the years

Presenting projects done in natural stones over the years.


Bianco Heraclea

Bianco Heraclea is a fine grained, white dolomitic marble, quarried in our own quarry located in Prilep, North Macedonia, a region famous around the world for its unique white marble deposits. It is available in several selections depending its natural characteristics, such as the intensity and presence of light to intense gray veining.



Highly sophisticated production process

Our dedication to impeccable quality pushes us to constantly innovate and invest in new, pioneering technology in the industry.

Stone Products

Products done in 100% natural stone

Transforming bulks of natural stones and bring them to our lives.

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